Why Choose Roswell, GA As Your New Neighborhood

Canton Street Roswell GALocated in Georgia and looking for a new home?  It’s a fact that most people look at their potential new neighborhood and consider that as an important factor before making the move to buy a home.  And if you’re looking at some of the choice realty picks in Roswell, GA, you’ll be pleased to find out just how great the surrounding neighborhood really is.  Roswell, Georgia is a family-friendly, scenic, cute little town with parks, cafes.  Not only that—it has one of the top school districts in the country.  Keep reading to find out more.  Don’t miss my video tour at the end!
Here are five points that make Roswell, GA a great place to live in:

Roswell High School1)  One of the largest cities in the state, with beautiful homes (search homes for sale in Roswell) and a top school district. We can’t narrow it down to one feature when it comes to Roswell, GA.  Roswell is simply one of the largest cities in Georgia and one of the finest, with its array of beautiful plantation homes and natural scenery.  Fulton County, Roswell is one of the top school districts in the entire state.  If you have a family and children, Roswell is an ideal place to live.

2) Exposure. Did you know over thousands of tourists visit Roswell each week?  It’s true.  If you are planning to relocate and open a business in Roswell, there is a chance of getting a high amount of exposure.  There are over 5,000 businesses in Roswell, with over 80,000 inhabitants in the city itself.  And one third of these 5,000 business are home-based.

3) Upscale shopping centers. Take a walk through Roswell and you’ll come across all kinds of cafes and designer shops.  It’s a shopper’s dream.  If you enjoy shopping during your down time, you’ll definitely enjoy Roswell, GA.

Chattahoochee River Park Roswell GA4) Recreational parks. Do you enjoy long strolls in a beautiful, clean park?  Roswell, GA has over 900 acres of parkland in the area.  Roswell itself is a branch of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and a component of the National Park System.  You can view the parks and trails maps online here.   Bring your whole family for a day at the park, or enjoy a quiet walk with the dog after a day at the job.

5) Jobs in Roswell. Last but not least, there are plenty of opportunities for employment in Roswell!  No matter if you’re in I.T., have a police background, or work in transportation, there’s a job position open for every one of those careers (plus more).  Check out the Employment Opportunities in Roswell, GA.

Watch my video tour, of Roswell, GA:

Be sure to share the video with your relocating friends! Plus, we have more video tours coming up, and we’d like to know which city or area you’d like to see a review of.

Watch the official Roswell Recreation and Parks Department Video, including an overview of services offered through the Parks Department.


  1. Frank Mack says:

    That was very well done!
    And all of it is true, Roswell is that wonderful and even better when you get to know it a bit.

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