Monthly Archives : October 2021

Buy and Hold: The Key to Wealth

You may have heard other investors, gurus and financial planners discussing the virtues of owning rental properties. And it is definitely true that a portfolio of GOOD rental properties can provide lifetime income and financial security. But what really makes a GOOD rental property? What should you expect from your rental portfolio and how do you manage it for maximum return on minimal effort? Tom and Joanne cover those points and more with real examples and data at this GRID meeting.

Join the online GRID community to post deals, ask questions, and connect with other investors across the globe. Tom and Joanne host a monthly meeting discussing a variety of topics so sign up for the entire year! And don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can get a link to the recording so you don’t miss any valuable information.

Making Your Money Work For You

You work hard for your money. Does your money work for you? Knowing your home’s value can put you in a position to unleash the power of your equity for a variety of investment opportunities. In this video, Joanne explains the benefits of an equity analysis, especially in the current market. Our experienced team will provide you with a FREE Equity Analysis today.