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Monthly Archives : February 2022

Preparing for Spring Home Sale – Get Inspection Ready

As you prepare to sell your home this spring, here are some basic tips to help prepare you for the home inspection.

1.Clean and Declutter Inspection Points
– Clean furnace filters, stove and ovens
– Empty storage areas in attic and basement
– Clear at least 4-6 inches of space around the home’s exterior

2.Test the Functionality of the Items the Home Inspector Will Check
– Test locks and seals on windows
– Flush toilets and run all faucets
– Check ceiling and bathroom fans
– Make sure all light switches work properly
– Confirm garage doors work with remote and test the reverse safety settings

3.Take Basic Safety and Security Precautions
– Replace batteries in smoke detectors
– Test carbon monoxide detector
– Exterminate any bugs or rodents

4.Make Necessary Repairs
– Replace light bulbs
– Recaulk around sink and tub
– Clear any clogged drains
– Update dirty grout
– Replace torn window screens and cracked windows

5.Complete Exterior Home Improvements
– Trim trees
– Clear and repair gutters
– Clear any debris around a/c units
– Make sure downspouts are clear

6.Make Last Minute Preparations for Your Inspection
– Plan to leave your home with your pets
– Leave all remotes and keys
– Make sure all utilities are on
– Empty dishwasher, sinks, washing machine and dryer
– Leave any paperwork for maintenance, repairs or insurance claims

Consider hiring professional help if you need to make any repairs. We have a list of licensed and insured vendors we can recommend. Contact us at 678-287-4848.

Preparing for Spring Home Sale – Get Inspection Ready