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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Great Time To Sell Your Home!


Ahhhhh … The Holidays.

Don’t you just love ‘em? Everything about a holiday celebration just makes you feel good.

Before you know it, the towns in and around Atlanta will be decked to the hilt with lights, garlands, bows, bells, and every other sort of holiday decor you could shake a stick at.

We love the sights, but also the smells! The scent of cinnamon from hot cider lingers all around, the sweet aroma of cookies, and OH!, the smell of those fresh, fragrant Christmas trees.

If you like to have a fresh-cut tree in your home and you’re looking for a place to get one, there are a bunch of great tree farms in our area. You can march off into the forest primeval and cut your very own (whether you envision something from Norman Rockwell or more Clark Griswold is up to you).

Some places to check out are:

Did you know, too, that the holiday season is a great time to sell your home? It’s true! In fact, we sold two homes this past week that had multiple offers!

Why is it a great time to sell your home at the holidays?

#1: There isn’t much traveling going on in November and December. People are staying with their families, shopping, or heading out with friends. And buyers that are out looking at houses in December are serious! It’s a perfect time to put your house up for sale.

#2: Your house looks gorgeous! What time does your home look prettier than during the holidays? The holiday feel in the neighborhood & surrounding community will even enhance the look and feel of your house, too. Buyers buy on emotion, they want to “feel” how their family will live in your home; nothing inspires that like warm holiday lights.

#3: Right now, inventory is low! That means less competition, which means your home will sell for more money and faster. With interest rates still low and serious buyers out there and ready, the good homes will go under contract, and FAST.

#4: In general, people are in a buying spirit and Buyers are more emotional during the holidays.  You can use this to your advantage when you selling your home.

#5: December is the second most popular time for employees to relocate.  Many people begin new jobs in January and company transfers surge in December.  It’s also a great time to make a transition with school age children to start the new year in a new school.

#6: Buyers who are looking for homes now are SERIOUS.

#7:  Some people need to buy and close before the end of the year for tax reasons.

#8. You can sell now and position yourself to be a non-contingent Buyer in the Spring.  There are plenty of short-term rental options in our area or we can negotiate an extended rent back so you can stay in your home into next year.

If you don’t like the idea of showing your home during the holidays because you plan to entertain and have visitors, consider these options.

Alternative 1: Wait to January yet let us start spreading the word by engaging our team now.  We are on the phone daily with prospective Buyers and can share with them your home now.  Also we can get a jump start on our marketing and preparing to sell your home so that we could hit the ground full force in January.

Alternative 2: List your home for sale now and designate one day a week only for showings.  This will allow you to plan your day around prospective Buyers while enjoying your home with friends and family the other 6 days a week.  And you won’t miss out on the holiday home shoppers.

And if you’re champing at the bit to sell your home, let us know! Go here to get your home value now. Happy Holidays!