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With our JCT Certified Pre-Owned Home Program, preparing your home ahead of time  increases the value of your home to potential buyers.

Your home will stand out with the JCT Certified seal

Most people are familiar with the term Certified Pre-Owned when it comes to a car.  And you understand when a car is Certified, it has been inspected and meets the company’s guidelines for quality and excellence and there’s assurance that it’s a solid investment.

  • Consumers pay more for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and they pay more for Certified Pre-Owned Homes.
  • Buyer’s agents WANT to show our Certified homes because they know we’ve done the work upfront to remove common pitfalls that cause Buyers to walk away from a purchase.
  • Speeds up the sale process.

We’ve made the process simple through our trusted partners.

  • Complete a Condition Assessment on your home inspected for mechanical and structural issues by a licensed home inspector.
  • Review and address any issues found on the report.
  • Provide a One Year Home Warranty

Now your home has earned the JCT Certified Pre-Owned designation.

Once you have completed our Certified Pre-Owned process The Joanne Curtin Team incorporates this into all the extensive marketing that we do to sell your home.  We will add the Certified Pre-Owned badge to your property flyer and blog, plus we will add verbiage to the mls and all the other online portals letting Buyers and Agents know.  Your property stands out and  you’re in a category above your competition.