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Real Estate Experience Matters. We so appreciate you visiting us here. At the Curtin Team we understand that your home is more than just a place to live; it’s a cornerstone of your life, a symbol of stability, and a reflection of your personal style. We specialize in transforming real estate transactions into journeys of well being and success, ensuring every step aligns with your aspirations for a better life.

Choosing Us Means Choosing Certainty. In the world of real estate, uncertainty can feel like a looming danger. With the Curtin Team, you move away from the risks associated with navigating this complex market alone or with less experienced agents. Our proven track record, deep market knowledge, and commitment to your needs ensure that with us, you are always making the safest, most rewarding choice.

Your Home Sale: Hassle-Free Selling, Exceptional Returns

Selling your home is a pivotal moment. It’s not just a financial decision, but a move towards a new chapter in life. Whether you’re seeking financial advancement, better educational opportunities for your children, or a lifestyle upgrade, we appreciate the progress and benefit that comes with selling your home. Our team is dedicated to maximizing your return, minimizing your effort and making the process as streamlined as possible. With us, selling isn’t just a transaction; it’s a strategic move towards your next significant achievement.

We will give you all of the information and statistics that you need to gain a clear understanding of the market in your particular neighborhood, discuss timing, and go over a personalized marketing, pricing, and timing strategy to get your home sold on your terms and for the best price possible. You can read more about how we accomplish this here.

Buying Your Home: Your Dream Home, A Proud Investment

We believe in finding you a home that resonates with your vision of comfort, success, and satisfaction. Our simple, efficient process ensures that finding your perfect home is not just a dream, but a reality you can proudly invest in. With our expertise, your path to acquiring the ideal home will be smooth and rewarding. Tell us what you are looking for here.

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Ready to embark on this journey with us? Take the first simple step. Reach out and let us handle the rest. Because with us, your real estate experience isn’t just a transaction; it’s a pivotal step towards a more comfortable, successful, and secure future.

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    What does it mean to be a Buyer with the Curtin Team

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you with your move. We realize you have a choice when hiring an agent to help you buy a new home and truly appreciate the opportunity to present our approach.

    Our focus is on you.

    Our team approach means that you’ll get an expert negotiator, seasoned financial adviser and superb contract preparation. We will help you with any home, whether it’s listed on FMLS, GAMLS, it is being sold directly by the owner, or it is not even on the market.

    We have the expertise in crafting and presenting your offer so that you get best deal.

    We have saved our clients endless amounts of time, money and frustration.

    And we make the process FUN! Moving can be one of the most stressful times of our life, it’s important that you have some fun along the way, laugh and relieve some stress.

    What does it mean to be a Buyer with the Curtin Team




    It’s a partnership through the home purchasing process.
    Once we understand what the perfect real estate transaction is for you,
    together we work towards your goal.


    and the Team

    Joanne Curtin
    – Every Home Buyer benefits from Joanne’s experience. Joanne’s primary job is to insure that the team is delivering the high service standard clients expect and that the team remains at the forefront of market trends and education.
    Buyer Team
    – licensed Realtors who are dedicated to creating the perfect home buying experience for each client and to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home buying process.
    Inside Sales Team
    – supports the Buyer Team by making calls daily to find homes that may not currently be on the market and could possibly be a match.
    Director of Operations
    -The Director of Operations assists the Buyer Team with the details of your contract.
    Account Manager
    – there are a lot of details to coordinate from the time you go under contract to your successful closing. That’s why we have a dedicated Account Manager to watch all those details and make your life easier through the process.
    Preferred Lender
    – if your financing your purchase, we’ll supply you with a list of our Preferred Lender Partners who we know provide the highest level of service to insure a smooth and timely closing.
    Closing Attorney
    – the Closing Attorney is who will “close the deal” and oversee all the signing of the documents to properly transfer the property to you.

    What does it mean to be a Buyer with the Curtin Team?

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    1. Joanne Curtin – Every Home Seller benefits from Joanne’s experience. Joanne’s primary job is to insure that your home sells for the most amount of money with the least amount of hassle.  She oversees the pricing strategy and promotional and marketing activities for your home.
    2. Listing Partner – will manage the sales process with the support of a team.
    3. Listing Manager – will make sure your home is properly marketed, gather feedback after showings and report back to you on a regular basis. You’ll always have a go-to person available when you need questions answered.
    4. Home Stylists – As part of Joanne’s customer service, your Home Stylist will have an initial consultation and with your budget in mind, devise a plan to make a home as attractive as possible to potential buyers and to capture the essence of the home in photos used for marketing the property.
    5. Operating Partner – oversees Marketing, Administration and Sales to insure you are receiving the most exposure and highest level of service.
    6. Buyer Team– licensed Realtors who are dedicated to finding a Buyer for your home. The Buyer Team will pre-qualify unrepresented Buyers and show (qualified) Buyers your property.
    7. Operations – Behind the scenes our Operations team watches all the details so your home sale marketing has the most impact, hits all the right places at the right time and details are handled to insure a smooth closing.
    8. Transaction Manager  there are a lot of details to coordinate from the time you go under contract to your successful closing. That’s why we have a dedicate Transaction Manager to watch all those details and make your life easier through the process.





    Relocating to a new country is an exciting adventure, but it can also be a complex and daunting process. At The Curtin Team, we understand the unique challenges that come with moving to a new country. That’s why we are proud to offer specialized relocation services tailored to your needs.

    Meet Our Relocation Expert

    Our dedicated Agent Partner, Eveline Matthaeus, is not only a real estate professional but she has also experienced the relocation process firsthand. Originally from Switzerland, Eveline has successfully navigated the transition to the United States and brings invaluable personal insight and professional expertise to help you do the same. Her deep understanding of both European and American cultures, along with her extensive knowledge of the relocation process, makes her an ideal guide for your move.

    The Relocation Process

    1. Personalized Consultation:
    Our relocation process begins with a personalized consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. Eveline will discuss your timeline, budget, and any special requirements you may have, ensuring that every aspect of your move is tailored to your circumstances.

    2. Home Search Assistance:
    Finding the right home in a new country can be challenging. Eveline will assist you in exploring neighborhoods, understanding the local market, school options, and identifying properties that meet your criteria. Her goal is to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive.

    3. Settling In:
    Moving is more than just finding a house; it’s about building a life in a new place. The Curtin Team offers comprehensive support to help you settle in, including introductions to local services, schools, and community resources.

    Why Choose Us?
    With personal experience and professional expertise, Eveline is uniquely equipped to handle the complexities of international relocation. Her commitment to providing exceptional service ensures that your move will be as seamless and stress-free as possible.

    Get in Touch
    Ready to start your relocation journey? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let The Curtin Team be your trusted partner in making your move to the United States a success.

    Relocation Services